Beautiful on the inside

2009 was a sad year for magazines, when Conde Nast decided to coldly dispatch two of my favorites: Gourmet and Domino.  I think almost everyone has heard of Gourmet, and can probably understand the outrage.  But what about Domino?  For those of us who had grown up thinking a relatable ”shelter” magazine had to look like my mother’s Better Homes and Gardens, Domino was a refreshing and young alternative.  The pictures were delicious and the style epitomized the way I wanted my house to look.  Well, I guess that’s what happens during the death throes of the publishing industry.

In the meantime, I have been getting my modern decorating fix by reading some blogs, my favorite being Design*Sponge.  But in my heart, I’m an old-fashioned, page-turning girl who is still itching for a magazine.  My friend Kristen raves about Canadian House & Home.  Architectural Digest is still out there.  But, nothing has quite filled in the Domino space…until now.

The feature of a New York Times story this week, e-magazine Lonny Magazine is genius.  Started by two former Domino employees as a hobby while they were looking for a job, it combines a hip, glossy shelter magazine with the internet.  Because there are no printing costs, the issues can be hundreds of pages long (239 in their June/July issue). You can “turn” pages, and even “rip” them out and put them into an online scrapbook, and you can also click on links to beautiful lamps and pillows (thus, the secret to its success…ad sales!)  Check it out – if you like it, I will take the unpriced chair on p. 67 of the latest issue as a thank you present.

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