Life Less Ordinary

How often do we think about the ordinary spaces we use on a daily basis and how they function architecturally?  I know that I have never had a deep thought about the placement of an ATM machine or the civic nature of parking lots.  A great feature on examines the “vernacular landscape” and asks us to take a fresh look at the every day places we usually take for granted.

The Domestication of the Garage: "The wide concrete apron in front, so derided by critics of suburban housing, is not only a place to park; on weekends it's a car-wash, and during the week it turns into a basketball court."

Train stations built during the first half of the 20th century were beautiful parts of communal city life: "Such cavernous spaces had no functional justification; they were the result partly of corporate hubris (like grand office building lobbies) and partly of an admirable desire to elevate and inspire."

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