My Danish Paradise

Copenhagen is one of my favorite places in the world – it is sophisticated and innovative, but quirky and charming.  I can’t list enough of its great attractions: the Hans Christian Anderson-themed amusement park in the middle of the city (Tivoli Gardens), a restaurant recently named the best in the world (Noma), and the legal squatter bohemian city-within-a-city (Christiania), not to mention the super-friendly people, bike-friendly culture, free education, and amazing modern and historical architectural design.

Tivoli Gardens


Nyhavn, Copenhagen


Hans Christian Anderson


Speaking of which, Danish modern design of the 1950’s and 1960’s is everywhere these days.  In the U and 14th Street corridor alone, every vintage and modern furniture and design store seems to be all about mid-century modern: Hunted House, Good Wood, Room & Board

So, as an ode to my love of all things Danish and the Danish modern design fever that has taken hold of Logan Circle, I invite everyone to go to the Danish embassy this week or next.  They are hosting Origin to Icon: Exploring Danish Design, an exhibit curated by students from the Corcoran Gallery Art + Design from December 11-22.

Also, as a little treat, check out these beautiful and creative snow globes featuring mythological Scandanavian creatures (Nisse) and designed by Copenhagen firm, JAJA Architects – they will inspire your design spirit while getting you into the holiday season. (Thanks to for the link!)

Photo courtesy JA-JA Architects

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