Update: The end of the Central Liquor Sign?

16 Dec

The fate of the Central Liquor sign remains unresolved.  Today, the HPRB heard testimony about potential alteration of the F Street fixture.  Rather than recommend that the sign’s owner, Joe’s Souvenir, revise its application (which we described in a previous post), the Board has decided to hold the record open and revisit the issue at its next meeting. 

In the meantime, Historic Preservation Office representative Brendan Meyer said that he will investigate whether the sign can be taken down without destroying its historic integrity.  The owner of Joe’s Souvenir expressed concern that large groups of school children on field trips who venture into his store have been put off by the large neon “Liquor” sign hanging above it.  As a temporary fix, the Board suggested that it would be OK for “Joe’s” to cover the word “Liquor” until a final decision is made.

“The smallest cases are always the hardest ones,”  said preservation expert extraordinaire and Board member Tersh Boasberg after the meeting was adjourned (but before the mic was turned off).  “It just shows you how difficult it is to keep historic signs.”


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  1. J December 28, 2010 at 11:32 am #

    I’ve seen kids going in and out of there every day – it doesn’t seem to bother them in the slightest.. Most don’t even seem to notice it.


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