Town & Country: Hello, Goodbye

Last night, I was introduced to the historic Mayflower Hotel’s Town & Country bar, only to have to say goodbye.  The “inside the beltway power bar” that has been serving drinks almost as long as the hotel has been open, is closing on January 15.  According to our waiter, the Pink store located across the hall will be moving into Town & Country’s space. Sometime in the future, the hotel will open a different “better” bar in Pink’s former location, along with a restaurant of some kind.

The Mayflower is known for hosting both above and below-the-board political events.  Harry Truman lived there, Roosevelt dictated his “We have nothing to fear but fear itself” speech there, and J. Edgar Hoover ate his lunch there every day for 20 years.  It is also where JFK kept his mistress and Elliot Spitzer met up with his call girls.  So, it isn’t hard to imagine what kinds of deals and discussions have happened over cocktails at the bar.

Inaugural Ball for Calvin Coolidge in the Mayflower ballroom. March 4, 1925
FDR's 55th Birthday celebration. January 30, 1937. The First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt and actor Robert Taylor stand under the President's photograph.
The Kennedys and the Houphouet-Boignys of Ivory Coast at a State Dinner. May 24, 1962.
General of the Daughters of the American Revolution. DAR Convention. October 15, 1963.
Monica Lewinsky leaving the hotel on her way to testify before the Senate. January 26, 1999

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