Radio Time: Meet Me Down in Pipetown

Listen up!

the location is featured every month on Metro Connection, a local news magazine show on Washington, D.C.’s NPR station, WAMU 88.5.  In each segment (also called the location), I talk about a different D.C. location that has some kind of interesting or offbeat history. I also have a theme song!

Tune in this Friday, March 23 at 1pm or Saturday, March 24 at 7am.

You’ve heard of Farragut North, Mount Pleasant, and Foggy Bottom.  But what about Pipetown, Hell’s Bottom, or Bloodfield?  These were the names of real D.C. neighborhoods that existed in the decades following the Civil War. Find out what these areas were like and more on in this week’s segment.

If you live outside the area or don’t have access to a radio, you can listen to the show HERE.

To read the original blog post that inspired this week’s show, click HERE.

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