A Cat’s Ninth Life

While I’m  preparing my next big post for the location, I hope you’ll enjoy this little story from the September 25, 1880 Washington Post about murder in the shadow of the Washington monument:

An adventurous and patriotic cat ascended the Washington monument the night before last by the stairs which are within the shaft.  Yesterday morning, when the men went up to work, her feline majesty took flight, and, springing to the edge, took a ‘flyer’ of 160 feet.  In the descent the cat spread herself out like a flying squirrel and lit on the ground on all fours.  After looking around a little while it proceeded to leave the place and had almost gotten beyond the shadow of the monument when a dog that stays around the base started for it, and the cat, not being in her best running trim, was easily made a victim and killed.  Had it lived, and not been so shy, the workmen say they would have bought it a collar and given it the Freedom of the Monument.  As it is the cat will be stuffed and placed in the Smithsonian, with a large card over it which will bear the legend: ‘This cat jumped, on Sept. 23rd, 1880, from Washington monument and lived.’

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