Conjuring Architectural Ghosts

First Jacobsen Architecture LLC created the fascinating Vanished Washington (a.k.a. The Ruined Capitol), a blog that posts daily before-and-after photos showing beautiful historic D.C. buildings and the concrete monstrosities that have replaced them.

Now, Architectural Historian Stephen Hansen is summoning ruined D.C. buildings from the ether of the past.  In his newly launched site, Virtual Architectural Archaeology: Recreating Washington, DC’s Lost Built Environment, he brings you computer models of long-destroyed buildings.  If, like me, you have ever walked past a disintegrating historic structure and wondered what it looked like in its glory, this is a site for you.

According to his release:

Virtual architectural archaeology combines the analysis of documentation, photographs, drawings, and artifacts with the latest in computer technologies to virtually model lost (or heavily modified) buildings.

The first two virtual recreations posted to the site are the former Kalorama mansion, once located at the intersection of 23 and S Streets, and the endangered Holt House located on the grounds of the National Zoo.

…Comments on the recreations and suggestions for others, as well as links to the site are welcome.


Hansen’s virtual recreation of the vanished Kalorama mansion at 23rd and S Streets, NW.


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