Hell’s Bottom Beer

I get many rewards from the location: raising awareness about long-buried D.C. history, the opportunity to creatively express myself, fun radio interviews. But I just got the best reward I could ever imagine. Beer.

This month, DC Brau unveiled a limited release oatmeal stout called “Hell’s Bottom”. This is the awesome logo:

Photo by DC Brau

The description:

Named after one of DC’s most notorious neighborhoods, Hell’s Bottom. Where in the late 1800’s there was little money, whiskey was cheap and virtually no police force. Enter Hell’s Bottom Oatmeal Stout. Brewed with a healthy amount of flaked oats, roasted barley and both chocolate and black malts. Hell’s Bottom starts with a heavy roast character that will definitely wake up the pallet. Followed by a small kick of bitterness contributed by Northern Brewer hops. Lastly, the flaked oats contribute a smooth, cream-like mouthfeel that must be tasted to be understood. With a medium to light body this oatmeal stout is one that drinks easy in the upcoming spring/ summer season.

Now, the beginning of that passage sounds wonderfully similar to my March 18 post about old forgotten D.C. neighborhood names. Can it be that DC Brau got its naming inspiration from the location?!?!? Nothing would make me prouder!!

(The coolness factor of this for me is increased by the fact that I work as Director of Operations for the Heurich House Museum. Heurich was the owner of DC’s most successful brewery. When the Christian Heurich Brewing Company closed in 1956, no other packaging brewery existed in Washington until the opening of DC Brau last April!)

Now I have to go out and try it.

Update: Brandon Skall, owner of DC Brau, has confirmed that, yes, the name of Hell’s Bottom beer came from the location’s post. Best. Day. Ever. Also, I tried it and it’s delicious!

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