Radio Time: T.F. Schneider’s Lucky Legacy

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the location is featured every month on Metro Connection, a local news magazine show on Washington, D.C.’s NPR station, WAMU 88.5.  In each segment (also called the location), I talk about a different D.C. location that has some kind of interesting or offbeat history.

Tune in today Friday, May 25 at 1pm or Saturday, May 26 at 7am.

Since 1894, D.C. developers have been frustrated by the “Height Act”, which restricts them from building higher than the adjacent street is wide.  The law was passed in response to T.F. Schneider’s 194 foot “skyscraper” on Q Street NW, The Cairo, which remains the tallest building in the city.  Schneider is still most famous for this building, but he probably should be more well-known for his crazy brother who killed his own wife and brother-in-law in front of a row of apartments that T.F. also famously built on Q Street. Howard Schneider’s murder trial was the most infamous D.C. had ever experienced at the time, and it is the subject of our story this week.

You can listen to the show live or recorded HERE (the segment is already up for your listening enjoyment).

To read the original blog post that inspired this week’s show, click HERE.

1733 Q Street NW. The site of Howard J. Schneider’s murders.

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