Radio Time: The Peacock Room

Listen to this!

the location is featured every month on Metro Connection, a local news magazine show on Washington, D.C.’s NPR station, WAMU 88.5.  In each segment (also called the location), I talk about a different D.C. location that has some kind of interesting or offbeat history.

Tune in tomorrow Friday, June 29 at 1pm or Saturday, June 30 at 7am.

Before it was packed up and shipped to the Smithsonian’s Freer Gallery on the National Mall, the Peacock Room was originally the London dining room of Fredrick R. Leyland, a wealthy shipowner from Liverpool. Leyland had hired interior architect Thomas Jeckyll to design the room as a place to display his valuable collection of Chinese porcelain. As he neared the completion of the room, Jeckyll consulted with painter James McNeil Whistler (who was also working on the house at the time) about some of the final details. Whistler offered to assist in some “minor” paint retouches and finishes. Leyland left London believing the work was basically done. Big mistake for Leyland ($200,000 later, Whistler’s work was complete), but ridiculously gorgeous work of art for the rest of us.

You can listen to the show live or recorded HERE.

To read the original blog post that inspired this week’s show, click HERE.

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