What I’m Reading

Sorry for the long, long break.  I hate to make excuses, but my day job needed attention.  Some fun stuff I read while I was away:

  • Reading: Mustaches, typewriters, landlines, shopping by mail, “videotape machines”, and indoor hammocks are all featured in a look back through old Apartment Life magazines from the 1970’s via Gothamist.  I think this pic is my favorite:

  • Learning: From my work at the Heurich House Museum, I know that sometimes only the strangest set of circumstances keep historic artifacts intact.  This is the subject of Ghosts of DC’s post about Clara Barton’s Missing Soldiers Office on 7th Street NW.  Only re-discovered after a GSA worker noticed something in the ceiling while he was conducting a pre-demolition inspection, the office was once used by the founder of the Red Cross (and my childhood hero) to help families track lost sons and fathers after the Civil War.  For eight years, Ms. Barton operated this office where she received over 60,000 letters from distraught family members and collected supplies.  She closed up shop when she could no longer climb the steps.  The space, which has not been renovated since Barton’s work there, is on its way to becoming a museum.
  • Building: Design*Sponge wants you to build your own neighborhood on paper.  “‘Paper Neighborhood’ is a set of 21 rubber stamps, each depicting a different element of Italianate architecture. Using the basic elements, you can recreate your favorite buildings using just the stamps and ink. Each kit comes with stamps, a stamp pad and a tip sheet packaged in a 1 qt. paint can with a letterpressed label.”  Awesome.

  • Traveling: I am intrigued by the new bikeplanner.org, which does the regular bike route planning, but has the extra bonus of mapping a route using bikeshare.  It will show you the closest place to drop off your bike and whether bikes are available at a dock near you before you plan your trip.  You can also choose the type of route you’d like, from “flattest” and “quickest” to one most necessary for me…”safest”!

New full posts soon.  Promise!

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