Radio Time: Why You Shouldn’t Drink and Drive on a Horse and Wagon

Listen to this!

the location is featured every month on Metro Connection, a local news magazine show on Washington, D.C.’s NPR station, WAMU 88.5.  In each segment (also called the location), I talk about a different D.C. location that has some kind of interesting or offbeat history.

Tune in today Friday, September 28 at 1pm or Saturday, September 29 at 7am.

Today’s radio segment puts the cart before the horse: the blog post that accompanies the story won’t be published on the location until next week.   It also throws the driver out of the cart.  In 1889, when “perambulating coal oil dealer” Samuel Huntress was drunkenly fighting with his employee while simultaneously steering a horse and wagon towards his carriage house in Blagden Alley, he hit the side of a building, was thrown overboard, and died.  120 years later, that same carriage house now belongs to Anna and Dan Kahoe, owner of antique store Good Wood, and lovers of DC industrial architecture.  You can read more about the history of this property, and see exclusive pictures of the Kahoes’ new digs, next week on the location.

You can listen to the show live or recorded HERE.

To learn more about Dan and Anna’s other fascinating DC property (the Louise Hand Laundry), check out this Washington Post story HERE.

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